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SNAP Disqualification Defense Lawyers

April 30, 2021 Uncategorized

Feeding people is what grocery stores do. A grocery store manager needs to be on top of the many ways that their customers can choose to pay for food. One of the most important of all ways that people pay their grocery bills is via what is known as SNAP. This is a federal program designed to provide enough money so all Americans can feed themselves. If you own a grocery store, you’ll need to be aware of what this program means if you’re going to participate in the process of accepting SNAP payments. SNAP payments are of great use to many grocery owners. They ensure that the population they serve does not go hungry. At the same time, SNAP payments also come with many regulations. If you own a grocery store and accept SNAP payments, you need to know what laws and procedures you must follow to avoid being disqualified from the program.

Reasons For Disqualification

There are many reasons why a grocery store owner might be facing the prospect of being disqualified from this program. For example, a store owner might have allowed food stamps to be misused in the past. A store owner with a minor problem in the past such as allowing a recipient to purchase paper products may face increased penalties if they have an additional problem with food stamp use again in their store. The store owner can also be held liable if other issues related to food stamp misuse happen in their store. For example, if an employee agrees to accept food stamps in return for cash, the store owner will be facing penalties. This can happen even if the store owner was not there at the time. It can also happen if the store owner stated this was not acceptable and fired the offending store employee.

A store owner may also be facing issues of disqualification if they have engaged in other kinds of actions regarding food stamp use. For example, if the store owner sold tobacco to someone under the age of purchase in exchange for food stamps, this can result in varied types of penalties. The same is true of the store owner sold alcohol or firearms to a young person and accepted food stamps as payment. Such laws are very strict. A store owner must know all about the rules and regulations that govern food stamp use before they agree to be part of this program. They also must agree to engage in efforts to educate their employees about proper food stamp use before the store employee sets foot on the job. The store owner must also agree to allow employees access to all necessary rules about SNAP payments while they are on the job and serving the public.

A Letter

Officials charged with administering the food stamp program check on store owners. They may come by the store with food stamps to make sure the food stamps are being used as required under law. Federal government officials may also be tipped off that food stamps are not being used as intended by other factors. For example, an employee could report they are being coerced into accepting payments for items not covered under the rules. A customer may complain that someone else at the store was allowed to use food stamps to buy things they know are not covered. All of these actions can lead the federal government to open up an investigation. This investigation may check how many items were purchased at the store using food stamps. Federal officials want to see that the count matches up with the reported food stamp use being reported to the federal government.

If you get a letter from the government, keep in mind it is vitally important to respond to it. The letter indicates that government officials believe your store is not adhering the requirements of the program. The letter is a courtesy. Further action is in the works. The letter sets up a timeline. You only have ten days in which to respond to this letter and the allegations it contains. If you do not, your store will be penalized and you will not be appeal to the verdict. That is why it is crucial to work with an experienced lawyer as soon as you get a letter of this kind.

Creating a Defense

After you get a letter indicating the government is going to penalize you, it is crucial to know what kind of penalties they have in mind. A minor issue may result in your store being unable to accept food stamps for up to three months. A more serious issue can lead to your store being unable to accept food stamps for up to five years. In that case, the government may also seek to disqualify you from the program completely. This is why you’ll want to know the scope of the penalties if they are not already listed.

The prospect of a permanent disqualification is very serious. Any store owner who cannot accept food stamps as payment will find many clients can no longer patronize their store. Fighting such charges can be done. A verdict of disqualification is not necessarily the end verdict. A lawyer can come up with many types of defenses. For example, they can ask the federal government to examine the store’s grocery bills more completely and check to see if the error was made by the government rather than the store owner. There are lots of other types of ways to avoid being removed from the SNAP payment program. A good lawyer can be there to speak on your behalf and for your innate legal rights.



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