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The fact is – being accused of a crime, even if it’s a misdemeanor is a scary situation. If you’re accused, you want the team at the Spodek Law Group who will protect your rights, and fight for you. At our law firm, our goal is to have your charges reduced, dismissed, or significantly diminished in severity of outcome. Our focus is on being one of the nation’s largest, and most effective, criminal defense law firms.

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Dallas Criminal Attorneys

Todd Spodek is dedicated to help people educated themselves on the criminal accusations they face, and how to avoid potential punishments. Todd Spodek is of the country’s most renowned and reputable criminal defense attorneys. Regardless of the severity of your crime, our criminal defense lawyers can help. Our team of Dallas criminal attorneys can handle virtually any type of crime in the state of Texas.

Our Dallas DWI Lawyers Can Help

The state of Texas takes driving while intoxicated extremely seriously, and has instituted tough penalties for people who do this. If you’re arrested in Dallas, or Tarrant County, for allegedly driving drunk, you need the best possible Dallas DWI lawyer to help you. If you’re arrested, you might get mail from attorneys offering to handle your potential DWI case for a relatively small amount of money. The fact is, you get what you pay for. If you hire a sewer attorney, you’ll get a terrible end result. Entering a guilty plea on your behalf, or a plea deal, can be harmful to your future. Our goal is to help you avoid long term consequences which could impact your career, license, custody of children, and more.

Our Dallas Criminal Lawyers Are Here To Protect You

Every single person has the right to legal representation when they’re accused of a criminal charge. This right exists because of the criminal justice system, and the damage that can happen to you after a criminal conviction. Any time you’re arrested and charged with a crime in Texas, it’s important you get help from a criminal defense attorney ASAP. Any time you’re arrested and charged with a criminal offense in the state of Texas, it’s important you hire a criminal defense attorney. You should never fight a criminal charge on your own. Any guilty verdict can have a huge negative consequence on your well being, ability to get future employment, education, and more. It’s very very important that you realize that an arrest doesn’t automatically result in a guilty verdict.

If you, or a loved one, is accused of committing a crime, it’s important you speak to a skilled criminal defense attorney ASAP. Any type of conviction of a crime, local, or federal, can have huge an impact on your future. The assistance of a Dallas criminal attorney can help ensure your rights are protected.

If you are looking for the best possible representation, the Spodek Law Group is an aggressive, and skilled, criminal defense attorney in Texas. It’s critical you hire the right attorney, because appeals can be expensive, and in some cases, impossible – if you hire the wrong attorney.

The Spodek Law Group takes a strategic and results oriented approach to practicing law. It means we understand whats at stake in your case, and we’re aware of how the impact of a conviction can have on your life. No matter what type of crime you’re accused of committing, the Spodek Law Group can help. Our firm prides itself on developing awesome solutions and legal solutions to address the situation you’re in. We will examine your case from every single perspective possible, and conduct all the legal investigations needed to win your case.

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They work very hard at what they do to give you the best possible outcome. If I ever need legal help or advice I’ll be coming to them! Todd and his team are superb. I highly recommend and respect these wonderful people at Spodek. They go above and beyond to help me everything from zoom calls to an Uber home from court when my phone died! Wonderful people

Lindsey Rendall

*Our Team


Our Dallas criminal attorneys are here to help you with any legal issue you face.


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