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Rockford Domestic Violence Lawyers

October 26, 2020 Uncategorized
Rockford Domestic Violence Lawyers

If you’re a victim of domestic violence, you might think that there is nothing that you can do in order to keep the other person from committing the act again. With the help of an attorney, you can fight back against the person who has caused any kind of harm. Your attorney can point you in the direction of groups that can offer the assistance that you need to get away from the situation while protecting your legal rights as well. If you feel that you’re in a situation that could turn violent or that has turned violent, then consider contacting the police until you’re able to speak with an attorney who can file the proper documents to secure a domestic violence protection order.

Protection Orders
One of the things that a domestic violence lawyer can do is meet with you to complete the paperwork needed to secure a protection order. Once the order is in place, it is supposed to keep the other party from making any contact with the victim. The person is also supposed to stay a certain distance from the victim. A component of most orders is that the abuser leaves the home that is shared with you if this hasn’t already been done.

Your attorney can file a lawsuit pertaining to the domestic violence that has occurred. This is a civil suit that is filed as a way to obtain compensation for any medical expenses as a result of injuries. The suit can also include compensation for lost wages if you have to miss work as a result of the violence. You could also receive compensation for pain and suffering that you’ve endured.

Divorce Proceedings
One of the things that an attorney can help with would be filing for a divorce if you are married to the other person. Details in the divorce proceedings can include spousal support as well as child custody if you share children together. You could also receive a portion of the property shared during the marriage, such as your home or vehicles. Furnishings and other items inside a shared home can also be included. Aside from the custody of your children, an attorney can also help to file for child support. An attorney can represent you when you go to court so that you don’t have to face your abuser. All of the details of the domestic violence issue can be handled by the attorney so that you can focus on healing.

Domestic Battery
Domestic battery is a serious offense that can carry heavy penalties. Legal help is available if you are facing criminal charges for this offense. Work with an experienced domestic violence law firm that has more than two decades of experience. We can defend against a variety of criminal charges, which may include stalking and battery. We offer legal assistance if you wish to fight orders of protection or no stalking orders. Our legal services are beneficial for clients seeking to obtain an effective legal strategy.

Domestic Battery Charges

Our firm has experience handling issues related to domestic battery charges, orders of protection, child endangerment and related offenses. We can handle cases that involve no stalking orders, orders of protection and other court orders. Our lawyer has a proven track record dealing with domestic battery cases. This includes the strategies used to win in court. It also includes the appeals process, negotiation strategies, trial motions and other legal maneuvers. Our commitment is to the client’s interests, and we use every tool available to represent your position in court. Our extensive history in this field makes us the single source for your legal needs in Chicago.

Protecting Client’s Legal Rights

Our legal firm is here to protect your rights as they are defined under the law. We understand the complexity of these cases, and we offer effective representation that will allow you to obtain the best outcome possible. After serving in this field for decades, our lawyer understands how to evaluate each case and create a winning strategy. However, the advice you receive will always be based on a practical and realistic analysis of the specific issues involved in the case. This is the information you need to make informed decisions about your future, so we don’t make empty promises about the outcome. Instead, you will always receive practical advice about your actual situation, and this will enable you to decide how you want us to represent you in the court.

Domestic Battery Attorney

Work with an experienced domestic battery lawyer whenever you’re dealing with the legal system. We believe in preparing extensively for each case, and this process works best when you contact us as soon as possible. Whether you’re facing criminal charges or trying to obtain an order of protection, our services are available to you. With a skillful lawyer, you can get the outcome you want, and our firm is the reliable, effective resource you need to get results.

Representation in the courts is essential for any winning strategy. If you are a domestic abuse victim, we can help you to get the protection needed from the legal system. Regardless of your current legal position, you can benefit from the sound advice of an experienced lawyer. Each case is handled differently because of the unique dynamics involved. We carefully evaluate the details of each case before crafting a legal strategy to represent your interests when the case goes into the court system. Contact us today for a legal consultation.



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