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Facing Cocaine Possession Charges in Chicago? Here’s What You Need to Know You’re here because you or someone you care about is facing cocaine possession charges in Chicago. It’s a serious situation, but you’ve come to the right place. We’re Spodek Law Group – an elite team of criminal defense attorneys who leave no stone…

Facing Cocaine Possession Charges in Chicago? Here’s What You Need to Know

You’re here because you or someone you care about is facing cocaine possession charges in Chicago. It’s a serious situation, but you’ve come to the right place. We’re Spodek Law Group – an elite team of criminal defense attorneys who leave no stone unturned in fighting for our clients.Let’s start with the basics. In Illinois, cocaine is considered a controlled substance. Possession of any amount is illegal and can result in criminal charges. The penalties get more severe as the quantity increases.For example, possession of less than 15 grams is typically a Class 4 felony.

That could mean 1-3 years in prison and fines up to $25,000. Possession of 15-100 grams bumps it up to a Class 1 felony with 4-15 years potential prison time. Over 900 grams is “super-felony” territory – 12-60 years behind bars.Those are just the baseline penalties. The actual sentence depends on many factors like your prior record, the circumstances of the arrest, and the judge’s discretion. Having a skilled defense attorney makes a huge difference.

The Arrest and Charges

Maybe the cops pulled you over and found a baggie in your car. Maybe they raided your home and uncovered a stash. Or perhaps you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.Regardless of how it went down, the first thing to understand is this: you have rights. The police need probable cause to search you or your property. Any evidence obtained illegally could get thrown out.That’s why it’s crucial to avoid talking to the cops without a lawyer present.

Anything you say can and will be used against you. Don’t try to explain or talk your way out of it. Respectfully invoke your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney.Once you’re charged, the prosecution has to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s a very high bar. An experienced defense lawyer knows how to poke holes in the state’s evidence and create reasonable doubt.Common defense strategies include:

  • Challenging the legality of the search and seizure
  • Questioning the handling and testing of the alleged drugs
  • Arguing the drugs belonged to someone else
  • Showing lack of knowledge or intent to possess the cocaine

The prosecution may offer you a plea bargain to avoid trial. Be very wary of this. Pleading guilty, even to a lesser charge, saddles you with a permanent criminal record. It can derail your career, housing, and education prospects.

At Spodek Law Group, we fight aggressively to get charges reduced or dismissed entirely. Taking your case to trial is a last resort, but we prepare for that possibility from day one.

Cocaine Possession Lawyer Cost in Chicago

You might be wondering – how much will it cost to hire a top-notch cocaine possession lawyer in Chicago? The truth is, good legal representation doesn’t come cheap. But trying to go it alone could cost you far more in the long run.Most criminal defense attorneys bill by the hour with rates ranging from $200 on the low end to over $1,000 for elite firms like ours. A simple possession case might cost $5,000-$10,000. More complex cases involving distribution or trafficking charges can easily run into the tens of thousands.While it’s a major investment, having the right lawyer can mean the difference between a conviction and walking free. It can mean avoiding jail time or having your record cleared down the road. For something this impactful on your life, you need to find the money.At our firm, we offer flexible payment plans to make our services as accessible as possible. The initial case review is free, so you can get an upfront cost estimate with no obligation. We also take cases on a flat-fee basis when appropriate.

Why Hire Spodek Law Group?

When your future is on the line, you can’t afford to take chances with an inexperienced lawyer or a firm that doesn’t specialize in drug crimes. You need a team with a proven track record of winning cocaine cases in Chicago. A team that will treat you with compassion and fight relentlessly on your behalf.That’s Spodek Law Group. We’ve successfully defended countless clients against cocaine possession and other drug charges across Illinois. Our attorneys have an unparalleled knowledge of the state’s criminal laws and procedures.More importantly, we understand what you’re going through.

The fear, the uncertainty, the stigma of being accused of a drug crime. We get it. And we’re here to guide you through this difficult situation with empathy and tenacity.From our very first consultation, you’ll realize we’re not like other law firms. We take a truly personalized approach tailored to your unique circumstances. No cookie-cutter strategies. Just meticulous preparation, creative solutions, and unwavering dedication to your defense.Our firm has the resources to handle even the most complex, high-stakes cases.

We have a deep bench of former prosecutors, investigators, and legal experts ready to scrutinize every shred of evidence. We’ll turn over every rock to find the holes in the state’s case and leverage for dismissal or reduced charges.When you become a client, you join our family. We keep you informed and involved every step of the way. You’ll have direct access to your attorney to ask questions or voice concerns. We truly care about you and your future – not just racking up billable hours.

Next Steps If You’re Facing Cocaine Charges

So what should you do if you or a loved one was arrested for cocaine possession in Chicago? First and foremost, exercise your right to remain silent. Don’t give the cops any statements or information that could incriminate you.

Next, contact Spodek Law Group immediately to request a free consultation. The sooner we get involved, the better we can protect your rights and start building a defense strategy. We’re available 24/7 to take your call.During the consultation, we’ll go over the details of your case and explain all your legal options. We’ll give you a straightforward assessment of what you’re up against and how we can attack the charges. You’ll have a chance to ask any questions and decide if our firm is the right fit.If you do hire us, we’ll jump into action right away.

We’ll initiate our own investigation, file motions to preserve evidence, and take other proactive steps while preparing relentlessly for trial. Our team will be by your side every step of the way, from arraignment through to the final resolution.No matter how daunting your situation seems, don’t lose hope. With the right legal representation, you can beat these charges and move forward with your life. Spodek Law Group has helped countless clients in your shoes, and we’re ready to fight for you too.The road ahead won’t be easy. But you don’t have to walk it alone. Put your trust in our elite criminal defense team, and let’s take on this battle together. Your future is worth the fight. Contact us today

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