When area residents are looking for domestic violence lawyers near Naperville, Spodek Law Group is ready to help. Led by Todd Spodek, the firm has three skilled attorneys who bring decades of combined experience. From white-collar crimes to DUIs, the firm also handles a wide array of other cases.

Stronger Representation

This means that he knows what to expect from the prosecution, and he can help each client build a more effective defense. Although the firm will never promise an outcome, clients can rest assured that the attorneys will fight for the most favorable outcome. However, the attorneys make acquittal and jail avoidance their main goals.

Thorough Preparation

Spodek Law Group is committed to providing each client with personalized service. While many cases are settled by plea deals, the attorneys go to great lengths to gather witnesses, experts and evidence when a trial is necessary. The attorneys have a deep understanding of both federal and state laws. In addition to their knowledge of how prosecutors design their criminal case arguments, this understanding of the law helps them prepare for potential surprises and complicated situations. The firm keeps the best interest of each client in mind when creating a defense strategy.

Why a Private Attorney Is Important

Kostopoulos Law Group’s attorneys and skilled legal assistants devote hours to combing through evidence, finding important information and preparing personalized strategies. Some people assume that they do not need an attorney or can use a public defender for free. Private attorneys have a greater ability to negotiate special deals that include rehabilitation programs, classes, community service, counseling and other alternative programs. They can help reduce fines, jail sentences and other potential negative outcomes. In this way, hiring an attorney can actually save money in the end.

Although not all cases are dismissed, many people can get an offer for a plea deal with a reduced charge. The difference between having a felony and a misdemeanor on a criminal record is significant. A felony can limit a person’s ability to rent, enroll in certain college programs and get better jobs. If possible, the attorneys try to protect clients in this way as well. These are all important reasons to retain a good domestic violence attorney in Naperville.

When charged with any misdemeanor or felony criminal offense, it is important to treat the situation with the seriousness that it deserves. The future is at stake, and it is critical to have an advocate who can help protect the future and minimize potential negative outcomes.