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SNAP Violation Defense Lawyers

May 1, 2021 Uncategorized

Running a store of any kind requires a great many skills. For anyone running a grocery store, attention to detail is crucial. Any retailer can choose accept what are known to SNAP payments. SNAP is one of the widely known of all government programs. The aim of the Supplement Nutritional Assistance Program is to directly fund food choices for Americans. Many Americans find SNAP a literal lifesaver. More popularly known as food stamps, this program allows people to pick from a wide variety of foods.

A person can purchase items such as pasta, vegetables and meat from their local grocery store. That allows the grocery store owner to have a reliable source of income and a loyal customer base. While SNAP payments offer lots of benefits for the user and the grocery store owner, there are certain pitfalls. All grocery store owners who take SNAP payments should be aware of all the laws that apply to their use. Grocery store owners are directly responsible for administering this program to the public. They must make sure that all employees know how to process such payments. If a problem should happen and a mistake is made, the store owner can be held legally liable for the misuse of SNAP funds.

Potential Violations

While SNAP allows many customers to pay their bills in full and have the government pick up the tab, there are certain possible drawbacks. Unlike cash, food stamps can only be used to buy certain things. Recipients are not allowed to buy alcohol, tobacco or firearms. They are also not allowed to purchase items deemed non food purchases such as plastic forks and knives. The retailer must know which items the recipient the participant can buy and which items are forbidden. Any mistake such as accidentally failing to separate out plastic items from food items, can result in potentially severe penalties. These penalties can include heavy fines as well as being dropped from the program entirely. Such penalties can put the retailer at a large disadvantage in the marketplace and make it harder for them to serve their clients.

There are many type of SNAP violations. For example, trafficking in food stamps is a process where the recipient agrees to buy or trade those benefits for something else such as cash. This can also include stealing someone else’s food stamps. Food stamps must only go to the intended user. Stealing someone else’s food stamps is also considered trafficking by the government. If someone takes another person’s card and uses it, even with their consent, this is also considered food stamp trafficking under the law.

The store owner can face large fines if they allow this behavior at their store or choose to participate in it. For example, if they agree to sell someone cigarettes or alcohol, this is considered a violation of the laws governing food stamp use. A store owner might be facing fines as high as a hundred thousand dollars for repeated violations of this law over time. The same is true if they are taking in large amounts of food stamps but the records indicate they are not selling items that correspond to such use. These kinds of violations can lead to the store owner facing disqualification for a period ranging from six weeks to as long as five years.

In certain instances, the store owner may be facing a complete disqualification from the SNAP program. In these cases, the store owner is forever barred from being part of the program. This means they cannot accept SNAP payments. That means they cannot own a store that accepts food stamps nor can they manage one. This is a very serious penalty. It may leave the store owner with few options as well as vastly reduced income. They might even have to find another profession entirely as well as selling their store to someone else at a discount.

Crafting a Defense

Given the fact that any SNAP penalty can be quite severe, it is imperative to for any grocery store owner accused of a violation to muster the best defense possible. A vigorous defense can take a great many forms. The grocery store owner can work with a lawyer to explain what happened and get an appeal in place very quickly. An effective appeal will typically have several elements. This includes an evidence the grocery store owner has not violated any laws as well as help communicating directly with federal government officials. A good defense can ensure that the official can continue to be part of this program long term. That will also help any retailer make sure they are not going to have to pay a large penalty that might otherwise create a huge financial hit and compromise their yearly profits.

Any potential defense against all possible SNAP violations will include a response to a SNAP violation letter. This letter is one that details exactly what charges the government intends to press against the grocery store owner. The charges may consist of a few pages or they may be very long and involve many types of violations on varied occasions. The list may also indicate that an employee violated the laws as well as the store owner. Each violation can carry a specific penalty. A single violation can mean the store owner is forbidden from accepting SNAP payments for two months. Each store owner must be prepared to understand what they are being accused of specifically, when they alleged accusations happened and what will happen once federal government officials take action against their store. Having a good lawyer around can do all of this and so much more for any grocery store owner today.



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