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SNAP Violation Attorneys

April 30, 2021 Uncategorized

Grocery store managers, employees and owners serve an important role in American society. In many parts of the country, a grocery store is an integral part of the community. This is where people go to buy things they need each day. One of the most important things that all grocery store owners do is choose to participate in a program designed to ensure everyone is fed. SNAP is a administered directly by the federal government. This program is hugely important. Many American families are reliant on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to fill gaps in their monthly food budget.

The federal government gives recipients a certain amount of money each month. These are funds that can only be spent in a certain way. Government officials rely on grocery stores to administer this program directly. They want to make sure that everyone who gets what are commonly known as food stamps is using them as originally intended. The first line of defense against misuse is the grocery store. This is where recipients redeem their funds. If a retailer chooses to accept this form of payment, that retailer must agree to make sure that all such funds are used as intended by the rules and regulations set down by the government. All grocery store owners, managers and employees are entrusted with an understanding of this program.

When Something Goes Wrong

Retailers who choose to accept SNAP payments have an advantage. In many lower income communities, this program serves as major source of funding that allows families to avoid going hungry. All grocery store managers, employees and owners need to be of service to those using food stamps. That means following the strict rules that govern food stamp use. Food stamps cannot be used to purchase many products. That includes tobacco, alcohol and firearms. Other items are also prohibited. People cannot buy items like paper plates or toiletries. The retailer must make sure that no one is violating these rules at any time while at their store. Failure to do so can result in many types of harsh penalties including fines and exclusion from the entire program.

There are all kinds of penalties that may be imposed on any retailer if they are found to be violating the rules of SNAP use. For example, if the retailer is found to be accepting food stamps in return for allowing someone to buy a firearm, the retailer may be facing thousands of dollars in fines as well as being no longer allowed to accept SNAP payments for a period of time. A retailer may be disallowed from accepting food stamps at their place of business for as little as six weeks. However, more serious violations can result in the retailer being barred from the program for at least six months or as long as a five years. In some cases, the retailer may be permanently dropped from the program. That means they are no longer able to accept any food stamps at all in their store.

The First Steps

If a store is considered to have violate these policies, the government will take action. The first step is a letter. Government officials will send out a charge letter. The letter includes a first page and then pages that follow it. The pages detail any suspected violations. For example, if the store owner is found to be engaging in trafficking in food stamps, the letter will let them know the scope of these violations and any proposed penalties. The letter will indicate when such violations happened including the time and date as well as how the SNAP funds were not used as intended. A letter may have a single charge to it or may go on for many pages with a list of each violation and when it took place.

Any grocery store owner should be aware that such a letter is a very serious matter with very serious implications in the long run. The letter is a warning. The store owner only has ten days in which to muster a defense against the allegations. If they do not respond to the charges indicated, the federal government will take action against them.

The long term consequences for any kind of SNAP violation penalty can be quite devastating. For example, if the store owner is not accepting food stamps for even a few weeks, their customers may be hugely impacted by this decision. They may choose to go to another store in the area. Even when these penalties are lifted, the customer may not decide to return. That can jeopardize a store owner’s relationship with the entire community. This can lead to losses to other local business who are capable of picking up the slack. If the store owner is unable to accept such payments for many years, they may simply have to find another sector of the economy in which to earn a living as they cannot compete with others in the retail field.

An Expert

With so much at stake, it is imperative to be prepared. Mustering a defense must be done as fast as possible. All store owners need an expert at their side once they have such charges in hand. A lawyer who knows the system well is the person’s first line of defense against potentially catastrophic legal consequences. The lawyer will help them examine all sources of defense against such charges. They will also act as an advocate throughout the process of defense. A lawyer can speak to any issues that the federal government wants to have addressed by offering a defense. They can also help the store owner decide exactly how to respond right now.



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