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SNAP Violation Attorney

April 27, 2021 Uncategorized

Many Americans are unable to afford all the food they need. American government officials recognize this fact. They are well aware that families all over the United States struggle with food bills each week. That is why the federal government has created many programs intended to address this fact. These programs offer all participants the ability to receive a certain sum of money each month. The funds are intended to be spent on food. Recipients may choose from varied types of food including fruit, vegetables, meat and legumes. The program known as SNAP is intended to allow recipients to purchase additional food they deem right for their personal needs.

The program is only intended for use to buy food. Recipients are forbidden from purchasing other items such as toiletries, tobacco, guns, alcohol and monthly menstrual products. Retailers can choose to participate in this program of their own volition. In doing so, they must be willing to follow certain laws. These laws include an agreement to monitor what each recipient buys at their store. Retailers who choose to participate in the program act as the eyes and ears for the federal government. In doing so, they agree to make sure no one violates the terms of use of food stamps.

A Huge Responsibility

Accepting food stamps is a huge decision. In many instances, retailers have no choice but to agree to this process. In many parts of the country, it is very difficult for retailers to operate unless they accept payments as this what many residents use in part to pay at least part of their food bills. The retailer has to agree to undergo training and agree to train their staffers in SNAP use. These regulations can be quite complicated in scope. A retailer must be prepared to work within the terms of the program and teach all of their employees how to respond to the requirements. For example, a retailer must make sure that all of their employees know precisely what is allowed for purchase and what is not. This can be tricky. Regulations governing food stamp use are often updated. What is allowed one month may not be allowed the very next. Keeping up with all such regulations is one of many requirements imposed on retailers and all of their employees. A retailer must be prepared to step up to the plate and make sure they and their employees are in compliance.

Potential Violations

It is very easy to make minor mistakes when administering the program each day. Violations of any part of the SNAP program are considered very serious. A program official will send out a form known as a charge letter if there any suspected violations. This letter details the scope of the charges. For example, a retailer may be accused of having allowed a recipient to buy things that are not allowed by the program. That can include plastic items intended for a party. The person may have paid in cash for some items but used food stamps to pay for certain others. All retailers who agree to work with this program must be fully aware of what can be purchased with SNAP cards and what is not allowed. They need to stay on top of things when they are open.

Other violations of SNAP can also be an issue. A retailer may be accused of having redeemed SNAP benefits without having sold items. For example, the records can show that they redeemed lots of SNAP payments in a single quarter but those records do not match the goods they ordered overall. It is important to keep in mind the federal government monitors all SNAP payments very closely. They see what is spent. They also see what the retailer is selling. A retailer may have sold items such as tobacco to someone in turn for food stamps. The use of products such as tobacco and firearms are very heavily regulated. Retailers must be in a position to refuse to accept food stamp payments for items that are not allowed under the terms of use set up by the federal government.

Responding to Charges

It is important to respond to any SNAP violations as soon as they are made. Any retailer who is found guilty of violating the laws that govern such use faces all kinds of serious penalties. A retailer may be fined thousands of dollars because they sold tobacco in return for food stamps. They can also face the possibility of losing their ability to accept food stamps at their store completely. The charges are considered long term. If you cannot must a defense, you might be excluded from the program entirely. That is why a rigorous defense is a must in such instances. The right attorney can help any retailer respond in writing and act as their representative as any case continues. Honest mistakes are common. The rules can be quite complicated and not always clear. An employee can make a mistake because they misunderstood the tenets of the regulations and the overall wording of certain regulations.

A SNAP violation attorney will respond in writing to the details in the charge letter. The lawyer can also help you come up with a list of the regulations you’ve followed and how they were implemented in your store. For example, they can show that signs were posted in the right place. They can also help you indicate that you engaged in all necessary training for your employees and offered them access to regulations they could examine during the course of their shift at your workplace. That kind of counsel can ultimately make a difference and keep you in business.



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