Applying for a Retailer SNAP License and EBT Machine

Applying for a Retailer SNAP License and EBT Machine


Are you opening a grocery store?  Would you like to tap into a new customer base and want to now bring in an EBT Machine?  Our attorneys can help!  Our firm can assist you with an SNAP retailer application for retail food stores.  The attorneys and staff at our firm have years of experience with business SNAP Program applications and have expertise in how to navigate the process and avoid some of the common mistakes that people tend to make when applying.  Additionally, our quick and responsive service can help to respond to any questions or concerns the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) may want to ask you about the details on your application.


Making Your Application for a Retailer SNAP License

The system through which a grocer can submit a Retailer SNAP Application is web-based. Your application needs to be accompanied by a certain obligatory information about the proprietor’s personal history, the history of the business (including a financial history of the store, where applicable), and details of the way in which your grocery store is (or will be) managed in general.  Sometimes the USDA will require a proprietor to add supporting documents to the EBT application for business licensure.  They will have the applicant furnish information and paperwork to show that he or she is the actual individual who will be managing and operating the store.  Several other categories of documents that the Department may request before finalizing your application and issuing you an EBT machine include: your personal tax returns, your business licenses, your lottery and liquor licenses, your bank records and a personal affidavit. One of the important things to remember is you can’t be selling things like Red Wine


SNAP lawyers on our team will do all we can to make sure that the Department gets every bit of information it requires from you, while making certain that you avoid costly pitfalls that could end up in a denial of your EBT application. For example, you don’t want to submit an application and meanwhile claim you’ll be selling Caymus vineyard wine.


Experts in EBT Applications and the USDA

Our firm interacts with the USDA just about every day in multiple matters, including cases of improper denial of EBT applications for business retailers under 7 CFR §278.1.  This expertise gives us an advantage when it comes to putting together your application and anticipating what pieces of additional information the USDA will possibly later ask you to produce to raise the chances that your application proceeds smoothly.  If you’re interested in applying for an EBT machine, contact us today to get more information.